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The Ambers 11-16

The Ambers 11-16

Please respect the age for proper enrollment

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Year of birth 2013-2008

SPRING SEASON PART I: March 12 - May 3 (15 Classes) 

SPRING SEASON PART II: May 7 - June 21 (14 Classes. + End of Season show*) 

Tuesdays and Fridays, 18:00-19:00

Beginner level classes of Rhythmic Gymnastics for new and returning gymnasts- developing Flexibility, agility and coordination!

Learning to master Rope, Ball, Hoop and Ribbon!

Mirroring the unique properties of the Amber stone, our Amber Group fosters an environment where young individuals explore their creativity, resilience, and personal growth.

Please note there will be no classes on the following dates:

  • March 4- March 10 - Spring break 
  • March 29- Friday, Good Friday

*Separate fee.

Dress Code 3.5 years old and up

What to bring

Water bottle

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  • Warm-Up

    • Gymnasts begin with cardio and stretches, priming their bodies and enhancing flexibility.

    Skill Development

    • They develop and learn flexibility, balance, jumps, pivots, acrobatics, stamina, and coordination.
  • Apparatus Training

    • Gymnasts master rolling, tossing, catching, spinning, and twirling with different apparatuses:
    • Hoop: Circular motions, tosses, and body integration.
    • Ball: Rolls, accurate throws, catches, and fluid dance transitions.
    • Ribbon: Graceful manipulation, incorporating twirls and spirals.
    • Clubs: Intricate handwork, tosses, and catches.
    • Rope: Rhythmic jumps and skipping techniques.
  • Choreography

    • Gymnasts learn routines combining dance and apparatus handling, expressing emotions and storytelling through their movements for enhanced performance.


    • The class concludes with a gradual cool-down, reducing heart rate and preventing muscle soreness.


    • Coaches provide ongoing feedback, refining technique and guiding improvement.