Rhythmic Gymnastics classes for ages 3.5-16

An Olympic discipline that combines the grace of ballet and dance with the precision of gymnastics.

our program provides a robust physical foundation for athletes to flourish by developing:

Flexibility, agility and coordination!

We promote self confidence, goal-setting and resilience.

Explore and master Rope, Ball, Hoop, Clubs, and Ribbon! Each class is packed with fun as gymnasts learn to use these apparatuses individually and in groups!

What sets us apart?

  • Attentive coaching- Small classes and tailored program for beginner level crafted to ignite confidence and unveil potential.

  • Opportunity to grow: Affiliated to Gymnastique Quebec we aspire to recognize passionate gymnasts that want to grow to competitive levels.

  • Encouraging environment- Practice is a safe space for athletes to challenge themselves.

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Your Coach, Your Partner in Excellence

Hi, I'm Maori Murciano, the Head Coach and Founder of Gemmez Academy of Excellence. I'm dedicated to shaping your child's athletic journey, leveraging my experience, qualifications, and unwavering commitment.

Certified and Committed:
With a BA in Psychology from McGill University, I bring insights into the crucial mental and emotional aspects of sports and personal development. As a certified coach recognized by the National Program of Coaching Certification in Canada (PNCE), I am committed to excellence.

Empowering Young Athletes:
Drawing on my experiences as both a professional gymnast and a competitive coach, I've had the privilege of guiding exceptional young talents. Witnessing their growth has been truly rewarding. I've nurtured gymnasts from regional to national levels, securing first-place titles in national competitions.

Join our rhythmic family, and let's create lasting moments of growth, pride, and achievement together!

Our Location


1850 Rues des Loisirs, Saint-Lazare, QC